Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Skin I'm In

Title: The Skin I'm In
Author: Sharon Flake
Location: YA Flake
Reading Level: Young Adult

The Skin I'm In is the story of Maleeka Madison, a thirteen-year-old girl feeling alone in the world. She has a very dark complexion, which makes her the target of much ridicule, even from the other African-American students with lighter skin. Everyday, they make comments about her and after a while it really starts to wear her down. When a teacher with a rare skin condition and a confident attitude joins the school, Maleeka sees her own struggles reflected and tries to learn to accept herself.

Bottom Line: Even if you don't like to read much, this book will appeal to anyone who has ever been subjected to bullying in school for any reason. Almost anybody will be able to identify with Maleeka and her struggles.

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