Thursday, March 26, 2009

Series Review: Runaways

Title: Runaways
Author: Brian K. Vaughan
Location: YA Runaways Vol. 1-7
Reading Level: Young Adult

Have you ever thought that your parents were evil? If you are like most teens, the thought has crossed your mind at least once. But for Nico, Karolina, Molly, Chase, Alex and Gertrude it's a reality. After witnessing their parents kill a girl in a sacrificial ritual, they quickly learn that the parents they loved are actually super-powered villians! Together they unite as one they try to defeat their evil parents.

Along they way, they discover that they also have unique superpowers, like flying and heat. The teens have their own distinct personalities that make the story funny and interesting. For me, one of the coolest things about the series is Gertrude, a sassy girl with purple hair who has a genetically engineered dinosaur that can listen to her thoughts and attack at will! The series has enough twists and turns that you will be dying to get the next book in the series. Look for cameo appearances from Marvel superheroes like Iron Man and Spider-Man.

Bottom Line: If you are looking for an original story with great characters that you can identify with, soap opera drama, thrills and laugh out loud moments, read this series. Even if you don't like superheroes or even graphic novels, you may find this to be surprising. There is something for everyone.

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  1. Completely agree! This series is for anyone even if you've never tried a graphic novel before. It's about the characters, and the characters are awesome! The only problem I find I have is....which character (with their own unique power) would I want to be?