Friday, August 21, 2009

David Inside Out

Title: David Inside Out
Author: Lee Bantle
Reading Level: Young Adult
Location: YA Bantle

High school senior, David Dahlgren has a pretty good final year of high school ahead of him. He is becoming one of the stronger runners on his track team, applying to colleges and hanging out with his friends. David’s life takes a complicated turn when his best friend, Eddie, comes out of the closet and his girlfriend, Kick, suddenly decides she wants to take their relationship to “the next level.” David’s doubts about his own sexuality coupled with his long-time crush on track teammate, Sean, worsen when Kick decides to make their relationship more physical. While David tries to rekindle his desire for Kick, his relationship with Sean takes an exciting turn for the better.

David Inside Out seems like the classic “coming out” novel and it certainly has all the elements. What makes this novel standout is the author’s convincing characterization of David as a conflicted teen. His authentic voice allows the reader to really experience the emotional roller coaster of David’s first love which is complicated by his own internal discord. The text is clear and concise without any flowery language or unnecessary digressions. With his unique writing style, Lee Bantle turned what could have been another typical novel about first love and embracing ones sexuality into an authentic representation of truly difficult life experiences.

The Bottom Line: I absolutely enjoyed this book! I think this could definitely appeal to guys particularly due to the short length and concise writing style. Recommend this to teens who enjoy realistic fiction, GLBTQ fiction, and stories about first love.

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