Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Bag of Bones

Title: Bag Of Bones
Author: Vivian French
Level: J
Location: J French

Bag of Bones is the second book in the Tales from the Five Kingdoms series and it's another good story. I felt readers would need to read the first book Robe of Skulls to really know what is going on in this one since there really isn't any explanation for why things are the way they are or background on the characters. Something is brewing in this story. Deep magic isn't practiced in the Five Kingdoms, but a witch gets in that does try to practice deep magic. I say try because her spells don't always work the way she wants. Of course, this can only be trouble as the crones' loom begins to stain. There is a ball planned where Queen Bluebell is to announce her successor. The only problem is her only child ran away years ago.

Gracie,Gubble,Prince Marcus, Marlon and his nephew Alf are all part of the action again. I do wish Marlon had more lines. He was so funny in the first book, but has a smaller part in this second one. There are a few new characters which include an orphan named Loobly and some rats. Some of the rats are kind of funny. Once again it is very clear who the good and bad characters are. The deep magic witch will have you routing for the good guys even more than Lady Lamora did.

Bottom Line: Bag of Bones , the second of the Tales from the Five Kingdoms series,is another good read with likable characters you'll cheer for and characters you'll love to despise. It's humorous and has a twist on a classic fairy tale with a prince who would never fit into the Disney realm. I recommend it to both boys and girls. Even children who aren't reading chapter books yet can enjoy this story if it's read aloud.

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  1. Hi Christine,

    Thanks so much for the kind review; I'm very glad you like Marlon. In the next book - The Heart of Glass* - he has a starring role ... and in book 4 (The Flight of Dragons - not published yet) he's back yet again, so you'll be seeing a lot more of him. Actually, I couldn't do without him - he makes the plots work!
    All very best wishes,
    Vivian French
    *Junior Library Guild selection for Spring 2010