Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Title: rainforest
Author: Thomas Marent
Location: 577.34 MAR 2010 (in the adult area)
Level: adult

rainforest is a DK book that was reviewed in the Oprah magazine O. As with any DK book the pictures are very important and these are great pictures! The pictures start with a few panoramic views. You'll see animals you recognize and some you don't. In the Arms and Armor section you might be left asking, "What's that?" See if you can find all the critters hiding in the Deception section. There are a few pictures of creatures being eaten by another and mating, but none are graphic in any way. Lots of colorful frogs, snakes and butterflies. Also a full spread sequence series of a cicada coming out of it's shell. Check out the bats living inside a leaf on page 323,or the fantastic shot of a strangler fig on page 160 (Guess how it got that name.) or maybe say eehhh when you see the millipede on page 344. This photographer definitely spent numerous hours in the rainforest. Wonder how many mosquito bites he has? Just check out the pictures of other animals that have to endure mosquitoes too.

Bottom Line: This book has amazing pictures of all kinds of rainforest animals and plants (mostly animals) with just a few sentences about each picture. There is a page or two of text at the beginning of each section. Read it if you want to learn more or just skip it and read the captions as you enjoy the pictures. This book is worth the trouble of placing a hold to see it. You'll want to share it with friends or family so you can eeww and wow together. And yes parents this adult book really is ok for children of all ages.

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