Friday, October 8, 2010

10 Minutes till Bedtime

Title:10 Minutes Till Bedtime
Author: Peggy Rathmann
Reading Level: Juvenile Easy
Location: JE Rathman

This wonderful book has very few words, which makes it all the easier for it to capture your imagination. Peggy Rathmann is also the author of Caldecott Medal winner Officer Buckle and Gloria. The story begins with a father telling his son he has 10 minutes till bedtime. The oblivious man doesn't notice the parade of tourist hamsters coming to visit his house. The hamsters' antics with the boy are adorable. Young children will enjoy trying to find all the hamsters while older ones will catch the humor and enjoy spending time with the pictures.

The Bottom Line: This is one of my favorite childrens' books. It is available as a picture or board book, but it is adaptable to most ages and makes a great bedtime story. I still find new funny things each time I look at it. Highly recommended!

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