Monday, November 1, 2010


Title: Fallen
Author: Lauren Kate
Level: YA
Location: YA Kate

Fallen by Lauren Kate is another book about a girl who has two guys interested in her ( Shouldn't we all!), but it is nothing like Twilight. Yes, Luce will eventually have to choose between them, but one of these guys is really bad and the other is pure good. Will you be able to tell which is which? And why does Lucinda keep feeling like she knows Daniel? The supporting characters are quite interesting themselves. I guess when you're enrolled at a boarding reform school with a cemetary on the grounds that can be expected. From tattoos to earrings, scars and tracking bracelets to those who would just as soon fight you as have you breathe there is a whole cast of characters... Luce isn't really a reform school candidate, but after what happened at her old school she didn't have much choice. She is trying to figure out how to fit in and avoid the true reformers without even realizing what is going on around her.

Bottom Line: This book is not one that gives background on the characters or the situation at the beginning. Instead you must put things together as the story is revealed throughout the book. This bothered me at first, but after a bit I was able to figure out some of the story. If you like a bit of mystery and romance, and memorable characters this is an enjoyable, well written read. There is a sequel to the book, Torment, which I look forward to reading as there was much more to the story. The next book of the story (Passion) comes out in 2011.

Update- There will now be more books coming out after 2011.

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