Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Nerd Girls- Rise of the Dorkasaurus

Title: Nerd Girls- Rise of the Dorkasaurus

Author: Alan Sitomer

Level: J

Location: This books is due out in July 2011. The publisher supplied an advanced copy. Look for it to be purchased soon.

Maureen, better known as Mo, is not a popular girl in her school. When she finds out the threePees (You know them, the pretty, popular and perfect girls.) are planning a possibly fatal joke on the new girl she decides to intervene. The threePees plan to sit next to Alice, who seems to be allergic to everything, and eat peanut - butter and banana, sandwiches with mango marmalade on wheat. Then they'll film her reaction on a phone. Mo doesn't know what Alice's allergic reaction will be, but she puts a stop to it in a way that lands her on Youtube with more hits by the minute.

While her Youtube debut doesn't make her more popular she does find herself eating lunch with a grateful Alice and Beanpole Barbara, the school klutz. Alice, nicknamed Q by the group, decides they need to hit the threePees where it hurts, the school talent show. Figuring out their talent is a problem. Follow the girls as they put together their talent, face fears, and form their own group of friends.

Bottom Line: This is a humorous book every girl can relate to. After all who hasn't been teased about something in middle school, felt like a dork or faced the challenge of making friends. Find out the way these girls take on the popular girls and come out winners. Nerd Girls will have you smiling and turning pages.

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