Monday, June 13, 2011

Squish- Super Amoeba

Title: Squish Super Amoeba(vol.1)
Author: Jennifer and Matthew Holm
Location : coming soon to J graphic novel Squish

Super Amoeba is the first book in the new Squish graphic novel series by the Holm sister and brother team. If you recognize their name from Babymouse be warned there is not a drop of pink ink in this book. It has definite boy appeal. Don't walk away girls! You may like this series too. Squish is a school aged amoeba who has to deal with a bully who is way bigger. He loves reading super hero comic books, tacos and twinkies. His best friend, Pod, is working on solving global warming, sort of. Sometimes Pod doesn't seem like the best amoeba friend. There is a bonus at the end of the book; a science experiment and how to draw Squish.

Bottom Line: This book is a great start to the new Squish series about an amoeba. I liked being able to read Squish's comic book with him. There is some humor and actual science (very unobtrusive to the story) I actually like the book better than the last Babymouse- Mad Scientist ( sorry Babymouse) and want to see how it will develop.

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