Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Red Glove

Title: Red Glove
Author: Holly Black
Reading Level: Young Adult
Location: YA Black

After the shocking ending to White Cat, Red Glove picks up where the first book left off. Black doesn’t spend much time rehashing the first book but she makes just enough references to the first story to refresh your memory. Cassel and his mother are spending the summer in Atlantic City running scams. Cassel is trying to keep his mind off Lila until the love curse his mother put on her wears off. He is looking forward to school in the fall until he finds out that Lila has enrolled at the same prep school. If life isn’t complicated enough, just as school is getting started there is a death in Cassel’s family. The Fed’s contact Cassel and ask for his help in solving the murder.
The Bottom Line:
Red Glove is just as smart and thrilling as the first book in the series. There are many twists and turns along the way as Cassel tries to solve this mystery. I anxiously await the third book in the series, Black Heart. While you wait, go to www.thecurseworkers.com and read Lila Zacharov in 13 Pieces, a short story told from Lila’s point of view.

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