Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Nicholas St. North and the battle of the nightmare king

Title: Nicholas St. North and the Battle of the Nightmare King Book 1 of The Guardians series
Author: William Joyce
Location: J Joyce W.
Level: 7-10 years old

This is the first book in The Guardian series and quite a good start. Nicholas St. North captured me and even after reading the last page I was still in its grasp. It is a well written, imaginative, adventure that is almost a prequel to Santa Claus. This is not a Christmas story and there is no mention of the jolly fellow. Instead it is a story of Omberic, the wizard who protects the town of Santa Claussen, and the man in the moon finding someone who can help them defeat Pitch, the nightmare king And no this book is not likely to give you nightmares. I haven’t read a book like this since The Tale of Desperaux. If your child isn’t reading at the level of this book read it to him/her. You will be creating a childhood memory.

Bottom Line:
I loved it! Imaginative and adventurous. Slightly scary in a what’s going to happen way. Nicholas St. North is not jolly or caring at all, but with the help of Omberic and a little girl he begins to transform into a different person. Who knew Santa had such a colorful past!

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