Thursday, June 7, 2012

Fallen in Love

Title:  Fallen in Love
Author:  Lauren Kate
Location:  YA Kate:
Level: 12 and up

Fallen in love is part of the Fallen series, but it is not necessary to read it to continue following the story line.  This book is more of an aside.  It is broken into four sections, each four chapters long, telling the love stories of some of the more prominent characters starting with Shelby and Niles falling in love.  Really?  Didn’t we see that developing in the last book?  Roland’s and Arriane’s sections reveal a bit more about them.  The last section is of course Lucinda and Daniel.  It doesn’t give you their history at all.  I felt like I was reading Passion again, which isn’t a good thing.  There is one romantic scene, but it isn't enough to make the book worth the time invested.  The best part about the whole book is the inclusion of Rapture’s first chapter.

Bottom Line:  Don’t waste your time on this one.  I think someone is trying to get more money than the series is worth.  It may pass for eh or ok, but I think we deserved better after making it through Passion.  If you truly feel a need to pick it up just read the section about Roland and Arriane.

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