Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Suddenly Supernatural: Scaredy Kat

Title: Scaredy Kat (Book 2 of Suddenly Supernatural series)
Author: Elizabeth Cody Kimmel
Reading Level: J
Location: J Kimmel

Kat and Jac are back. Jac is still having problems with her controlling mother and Kat is telling her Mom less as she seeks some independance. This time around the story centers on the house next door instead of school.

Kat decides to use the house next door for part of her class project. While taking pictures of the house she accidently snaps one of a boy looking at her. She goes over to meet him and can't figure out why he seems to ignore her. Maybe it's because the house has been empty for a least two years! The boy isn't the only one she encounters at the house. Join Kat and Jac as they try to figure out who the boy is and why he doesn't see Jac. Oh, there is a new character she first sees at the house that may be around awhile. This character seems to have everyone blushing!

Bottom Line: If you liked School Spirit you should like Scaredy Kat also. This second title has the same quality as the first, another likable fairly quick read. It again appeals to girls around 8-12 and deals with some of the issues that arise as one reaches for the teen years (moms, guys, figuring out what's going on with you).

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