Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Theodosia and the staff of Osiris

Title: Theodosia and the staff of Osiris
Author: R.L. La Fevers
Reading level: J
Location: J LaFevers

In Theodosia and the staff of Osiris, the second book of the series, Theodosia's father is having daily visits from the police because mummies from all the London museums keep showing up in the lobby of his museum (He's the head curator.)! As she tries to figure out what is causing the nightly mummy migration she just knows the Serpents of Chaos must be connected to it. How is she going to investigate, fix the problem to clear her father, find out what the Serpents of Chaos are up to and stop them when she has a new governess who doesn't let her have more than a minute to herself? Theodosia is very resourceful and finds some new unexpected ways to get help. Can she also help Will with his secret? There are spies all over the place. You may be surprised to find out which ones are spies for the good side and who is behind the Chaos scheme. There's even a secret society that think Theodosia is an Egyptian goddess!

Bottom Line: Whenever I picked up this book I had to keep my eye on the clock because even if I thought," I'll just finish the chapter", I would end up reading more. There is an Indiana Jones feel to this title. And like Indiana Jones, Theodosia often receives help from unexpected people and seems to have luck on her side. While there is plenty of adventure in this book the length and details keep me from recommending it for reluctant readers. I hope to see Theodosia again.

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