Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Wyrm King

Title: The Wyrm King- Beyond Spiderwick book 3
Author: Tony Diterlizzi and Holly Black
Level: J
Location: J Diterlizzi T.
Diterlizzi and Black have redeemed themselves! For anyone who did not read my review of book 2 I'll just say I was disappointed and hoped this, the final book of the series, would be better. It is! There is plenty of action, interaction of characters, and a satisfying ending for both the book and the series.

Spoiler alert- if you have not read the other books in the series skip to the bottom line. Nick discovers that after all the effort to get the giants into the sea it wasn't such a good thing to do. His family is torn apart and he is thinking to put forth so much effort and fail again just isn't worth the trouble. The nixie's are back, though a bit more cooperative this time. Almost all of the characters from the previous books show up to help as they learn why the giants are needed. What could make them need fire- breathing giants? Read the book to find out.

Bottom Line: A satisfying book to end to the series. Nick, his brother, and Laurie are joined by the Grace siblings, and they receive help from an unexpected source. There will be plenty of action as you try to find out why it takes seven people to fix what is still a giant problem and just what a wrym king is.

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