Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Kingdom of Fantasy

Title: Geronimo Stilton The Kingdom Of Fantasy
Author: Geronimo Stilton
Location: J Stilton
Level: J

In this new Geronimo series Geronimo travels through seven fantasy kingdoms in search of the Queen of the fairies, who needs his help. The format is like other Geronimo books; color pictures and colorful fonts of different sizes. Each Kingdom includes a map and a page with all the important information about it. A music box that came to Geronimo on the tail of a shooting star helps him enter each kingdom and provides something to aid his passing through that kingdom. Scribblehopper, a frog, is his guide. Of course, he runs into problems passing through each quickly and characters who want to stop him. He ends up telling a condensed version of a story in each Kingdom. The book includes secret codes to decipher, riddles and illusions.
Bottom Line: Fans of Geronimo Stilton will probably enjoy this book. I would have liked the map and kingdom information to have been at the beginning of the chapter about each as I feel it interrupts the flow, but this is a small annoyance. This book is longer than most of the Geronimo books, but there are plenty of pictures so it doesn't feel that long.

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