Thursday, February 18, 2010

Nubs: The true story of a mutt, a marine, & a miracle

Title: Nubs: The true story of a mutt, a marine, & a miracle
Author: Major Brian Lewis
Level: nonfiction juvenile
Location: J 636.7092 DEN 2009

This is a true story of a dog that wanted to be a Marine. Think about how your pet can help you feel better, make you laugh, and keep you from feeling lonely. That's what this stray dog did for a Marine team. I've often heard that animals pick their owners not the other way around. Well here is one dog that definitely knew who he wanted to be with. Even though he had been treated poorly by people ( nothing with details mentioned) he picked out Major Dennis to help on guard duty. Marines in Iraq travel around so "Nubs" would wait for Brian to return and Brian would look out for the dog whenever he was near by. Find out how devoted they became to each other and how Brian was able to save Nubs. This book is all about the dog and his relationship with Marines. There are no details about war or photos that show anything other military vehicles not in use, like could be seen on any base.

Bottom line: A feel good true story of a mutt with no ears who adopts Marine Major Brian Dennis and his team. "Nubs" has a rough life made better whenever Brian is around. Find out how devoted they become to each other. Photos of Nubs and Brian are included as are emails Brian wrote about Nubs while over seas.

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  1. I just read this book and it brought me close to tears. I'm so glad stories like this are getting out there and relaying the truly amazing bonds humans can have with animals and all that they go through. I think we sometimes forget that animals are dealing with war and hardship right along side us.