Monday, January 3, 2011

Missile Mouse the star crusher

Title: Missile Mouse the star crusher
Author: Jake Parker
Level: 8-12
Location: graphic novels J Missile STA

This is a science fiction graphic novel that takes place in space. Missile Mouse is an agent with the Galactic Security. He is a bit like Indiana Jones in that he means well, but things just don't seem to go quite like he plans. The RIP are trying to get hold of the information to make a star crusher. Star crushers basically create black holes- not good for the galaxy. Missile Mouse is assigned a partner, but he would rather go out on his own. Find out if Missle Mouse can save the galaxy, a scientist or his partner.

Bottom Line: This one is going to be in demand. Boys will definitely want to pick up this adventure graphic novel. Girls will enjoy this book too! Think Star Wars creatures with a bit of Indiana Jones. Great color and art work with easy to follow panels and a good, quick moving story. The next Missile Mouse comes out this winter 2011.

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