Friday, January 21, 2011

Title: The Dead End- a Poison Apple book
Author: Mimi Mcoy
Location: J McCoy

Casey Slater and her best friend Jillian have plans for a great summer when Casey's parents announce they bought a summer house in New Hampshire. Casey is ok with a vacation away from the city until she finds out her parents plan on living in New Hampshire the entire summer!

Soon after school is out Casey's parents pack up the car and a rental van and off they go to Stillness, N.H. This town is appropriately named because there is nothing going on in Stillness. There isn't even a real grocery store. The house doesn't have ac and the power isn't working. Wouldn't you be thrilled.

Soon odd things happen in the house. Casey has some strange dreams. Then she starts reading the journal of Millicent Hughes, a girl her age, who once lived in the house. Millicent was also having strange dreams and experiencing odd things in the house. Casey tries to talk to her parents about it all, but they don't believe her and think it's just her bad attitude. When Millie's journal suddenly stops Casey has a bad feeling. Find out what happened to Millie and how she is connected to Casey. Will they have the same fate? Pick up this quick read to find out.

Bottom Line: A fairly quick, interesting read. It's spooky, kind of strange, without being scary or weirding you out. The story is believable and made me want to checkout more titles in the Poison Apple series. ( Which Indian River owns- This totally bites!,Miss Fortune,Now You See Me...)

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  1. I read the whole book and its great! I have the whole series....ya, I'm a book worm. At the end she finds out the ghost really was trying to protect her from harm by scaring her to go away because there was going to be a fire.....