Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Gifted- Now You See me

Title: Now You See Me
Author: Marilyn Kaye
Level: teen/young adult
Location: YA Kaye

Now You See Me is book five in the Gifted series and it is also a stand alone title. This is the first book from the series that I read, but I was able to follow everything fine. There are a few mentions of events from previous books, but enough information is given that I could get the gist of what occurred. This series is based on a class of "gifted" students. These students are not necessarily intellectually gifted, but rather have something about them that makes each one unique and different in away that might make them stand out. In the class they are learning how to control their gifts and use them more at will. The gifts are things like mind reading, becoming invisible, taking over someone else's body. Someone is a trader and out to exploit them. They must find out who before all their lives are endangered. Jenna has already been sent to a juvie home where she is cut off from everyone. Who's the next one to disappear from class?

Bottom Line: A quick, entertaining , stand alone read from the Gifted series. After reading this title I wanted to find some of the previous books. We learn how some of the students acquired the gifts that make them different (like moving objects with the mind) and what each student's gift is, a little bit about the relationships among the gifted students, and why they might be the traitor. Tracey is the key person in this story as she plays a big part in finding out how information about them is getting out of the classroom and who is trying to use them. The book ends with a standoff so there is sure to be another title in the series.


  1. I love the gifted series! The books are amazing, entertaining, and quick to read. I am waiting for the next book to come out!

  2. i love the gifted series they are so exiciting and fun to read i cant wait to read more - <3

  3. When will (if there is) book 7 come out? will Marilyn Kaye continue the series? i absolutely adored the first 6 books, i just hope there are more.

    1. I wasn't able to find anything to tell me for sure, but since the books seem to center on one character with each title and there are nine characters listed on the auther's site for the series, I would think there are going to be nine books.