Wednesday, July 20, 2011

And Then There were Gnomes- Guinea Pig Pet Shop

Title: And Then There were Gnomes- Guinea Pig Pet Shop Private Eye #2
Author: Colleen Venable
Level: K-3
Location: Graphic novel juvenile guinea vol.2

This series takes place in a pet shop with a variety of animals whose cages are mislabeled. Sasspants the guinea pig is a voracious reader, which is probably why that cage has the correct animal label. Hamisher, the hamster wants to be friends with Sasspants and is constantly making up mysteries to be solved so he can be the sidekick. So when a real mystery does need to be solved it takes a bit of convincing for Sasspants to get involved. Will they be able to solve the mystery before all the mice disappear?

Bottom Line: This is a short, humorous, graphic novel for the younger readers who like rodent pets (mice, hamsters, guinea pig and chinchillas) and mysteries. There are plenty of details in the pictures to add to the story and the panels are easy to follow. A rising second grade and fifth grader gave it two thumbs up.

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