Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Zero Gravity - Astronaut Academy

Title: Astronaut Academy zero gravity
Author: Dave Roman
Level: 10-14
Location: graphic novel j astronaut vol.1

Zero Gravity is the first book in a new series of graphic novels that take place in space. This one is older than our other space related graphic novels. The story focuses on the students, who seem to all have crushes on other students, and teachers of the school. The dialog in the book was a bit awkward. It reads almost like it was translated from Japanese, the way people for whom English is a second language might translate literally or phrase words differently. I tried to think of it as being translated and that helped some. Also the story itself did not flow smoothly to me. Each chapter is started by a character introducing him or herself and speaking from his or her view point. Eventually characters are introducing themselves for a second or third time. While there was a story line it felt disjointed. We never find out why Hakita Soy came to astronaut academy and are left guessing about why he is sad. There is some humor. The drawings were good and the black and white panels are easy to follow. So Zero Gravity is alright, but I would rather read the younger space graphic novels Missile Mouse or Zita the Spacegirl. I haven’t ruled out giving the second volume a chance.

Bottom Line: I was looking forward to reading Zero Gravity, the first book in the Astronaut Academy series, which focuses on the students and teachers at the school. I am a bit disappointed due to awkwardness in the dialog and story line. Also with so many graphic novels in color this one is black and white. It is older than other space graphic novels (10-14). I didn’t hate it, but I would much rather read Missile Mouse or Zita the Spacegirl. I’m hoping the second volume will redeem the series for me.

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