Thursday, January 8, 2009

Owly: A Time To Be Brave

Title: Owly: A Time To Be Brave
Author: Andy Runton
Location: Graphic Novel J Owly Vol. 4
Reading Level: Juvenile

Every Owly book teaches a lesson without the use of words, only pictures. This volume is no exception, re-introducing us to "Owly" and "Wormy" who are best friends. Reading about fairy tales, Wormy becomes frightened at the idea of dragons, which leads to him mistaking a possum for a dragon while playing with his friends in the forest. The plot is straight-forward as Owly and Wormy seek to help the injured possum, and while doing so, learn more about the species and why it is in fact afraid of Owly, a predator in the eyes of the possum. Wormy, though afraid of the possum, has to be brave to save the day and the possum learns about friendship.

*Note: It may take you a little while to adjust to following the pictures with no words, but you'll find very quickly that a dialogue starts in your head to lead you through the story---that's how strong the illustrations are.

The Bottom Line:
If you're already an Owly fan you'll love this. If you're new to the idea of graphic novels with few words, I'd suggest starting with the first volume in the series (The Way Home & the Bittersweet Summer) where you'll understand the basis for Owly and Wormy's friendship, and why each story is a shiny, little gem that can make you smile or cry, depending on the story.

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