Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Series Review: Baby Animals

Series Review: Baby Animals
Author: Alice Twine
Location: J non-fiction
Reading Level: Children

The titles in this series are for young children. Each book is written simply with just a couple sentences per page. Words that may be new to the child are in boldface with a picture to show it's meaning at the end of the book. The pictures are focused on the elephant (s) with just the landscape in the background. Children will enjoy the closeups of the baby elephant. Titles Indian River Library owns in this series are: Baby Elephants, Bears, Horses, Alligators, Kangaroos, and Cats of the Wild.

Bottom line: This is a good nonfiction series for young children. I like it and will be reading these books to children. If your young boy isn't interested in picture books, can't find the subject in picture books or wants something real, try these.

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