Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Series review: Wild Animal Families

Title: Series Review: Wild Animal Families
Author: Jan Latta
Reading Level: Children
Location: J non-fiction

The pictures in these books vary in size from full page to almost wallet sized, but they are all close up and demonstrate the text. The text is a decent size and simple with the amount of text varying from a couple sentences to a paragraph. The bold faced terms are not all explained in the text, but are still simple enough that a parent can explain each as the book is being read. Some of the pictures will help with this. A glossary is included as well as facts about the animal and a map of where the animal lives naturally. Preschoolers to about 7 years old would probably enjoy the series. Titles we own in this series are: Timba the Tiger, Lisa the Lion, Ella the Elephant, Rudy the Rhinoceros.
Bottom Line: A good series to learn more about animals through personalized animal families. Plenty of good pictures.

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