Friday, July 27, 2012

Amazing Animal Alphabet

Title: Brian Wildsmith's Amazing animal alphabet
Author:  Brian Wildsmith
Location:  JE Wildsmith

Amazing Animal Alphabet is one of the few alphabet books that shows both the upper case and lower case of each lettter, which is important for those beginning readers and early literacy.  Each page of this book shows both cases in the upper corner and the animal name in the bottom corner with a realistic and colorful depiction of the animal in the center.  The backgrounds are mostly one color to compliment the animal.  An additional bonus are the animal facts pages at the end.  This will be useful when your child asks about an animal you might not know anything about.  Don't worry, it's all very simple and on a young child's level, so if you read these pages before reading the book with your child he/she will be amazed by how much you know.

Bottom Line:  Amazing Animal Alphabet includes both upper and lower case letters with simple pages dipicting a wild animal both in picture and word.  Animal fact pages are a nice bonus.  I like this book because in addition to showing both cases it also enlarges a child's animal vocabulary with animals he/she might not have seen before.

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