Monday, July 30, 2012

Rapture a Fallen novel

Title:  Rapture
Author:  Lauren Kate
Location:  YA Kate
Level:  12-19
Rapture, the final book in the Fallen series, begins with everyone returning from the announcers fear struck because Lucifer has caused the fall to happen again by using an announcer.  Should he succeed and reach Earth everyone will be wiped out.  History from the moment of the fall on will be rewritten.  Of course, this means Daniel and Luce will lose any knowledge they have gained to fight the curse.  Both sides agree they must find the site of the original fall if they are to stop Lucifer, but no one remembers where it is.  On the quest to find artifacts that can help them find the site they battle the Outcasts, the Scale and the Council of the Elders.  They are all counting on Luce to remember in time to save not just her relationship with Daniel but all of them.

This novel is much better than Passion, the third book, with minimal announcer travel.  I think I actually liked it better than any of the other books because Luce is thinking for herself, asking questions, and remembering.  Instead of being blinded or confused and questioning love, she is acting with love.  Make no mistake this is a love story and a good one. 

Bottom Line:  I was happy and satisfied with Rapture, the final book in the Fallen series.  Something I have suspected from the other books is revealed in this one.  At last readers will learn just how pure Daniel’s love for Lucinda is and why everyone seems to be waiting for something to change with her.  She truly does love Daniel as well. ( Only one announcer!)

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