Monday, July 2, 2012

Uncommon Criminals

Title:  Uncommon Criminals a Heist Society novel
Author:  Ally Carter
Location:  YA Carter
Level:  11 years & up

In this Heist Society novel Kat Bishop has found a way to use her skills without actually being part of the family business.  Thanks to Visily Romani she can steal artwork so it can be returned to it’s rightful owners.  Thus, not really stealing, but righting a wrong.  Kat is starting to think she is pretty good on her own when she is approached by someone about getting Cleopatra’s emerald back from an unscrupulous dealer.  The lady says she was sent by Visily Romani.  But this particular gem is said to be cursed and trying to steal it is forbidden by Uncle Eddie.  Gabrielle and Hale try their best to talk Kat out of the job, but ultimately decide to help her.  Slowly the crew all comes back together, only Cleopatra’s emerald is the only thing being taken.

Bottom Line:  Uncommon Criminal  is written in much the same way as the first book.  Again a fairly light, fun read.  There is more going on between Kat and Hale this time.  A few kisses, but an otherwise good read for tweens and younger teens.  It’s fun trying to figure out how Kat and her crew are pulling off the heist.

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