Monday, July 23, 2012

Pete The Cat

Title:  Pete the Cat books
Author:  Eric Litwin
Location:  JE Litwin
Level:  3-6 years old

Pete the cat is one cool cat with a motto of , "It's all good.", how could he not be, he's soo cute.  Pete also likes to sing and you can download the songs to go with the books at the publisher's website.  Kids love Pete and his songs.  I do to.

In the first book Pete has new shoes that keep changing colors as he steps in different things.  But does Pete get mad- no way.  In Rockin his school shoes Pete learns about different areas of the school when he wears his new school shoes.  His four groovy buttons just don't want to stay on his shirt.  Of course, Pete doesn't get mad.  He just sings a song.  Just as Pete thinks he has lost his last button he finds one more.  This one has a cute ending.  Wouldn't the world be a better place if we all just sang a song instead of getting mad.

Bottom Line:  The Pete the Cat books by Eric Litwin feature Pete of course. He's one cool cat who likes to sing.  The illustrations are mostly bright primary colors.  The songs are catchy and sure to be sung again by your little ones.  I've found children 2-7 enjoy Pete books.

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